Due to technical incompatibility caused by interference from other third party apps or payment gateways, the user might experience errors and TrackiPay might be unable to sync orders.

Examples of this are:

  • PayPal Payflow

For users that use PayPal Payflow it is unfortunately not possible for TrackiPay to sync their orders’ tracking details due to limitation imposed by PayPal Payflow. We advise that PayPal Payflow users do not install and use TrackiPay.

  • CheckoutX and other third party apps

Users that use CheckoutX and other checkout apps might experience errors when trying to sync their orders due to the fact that these apps change the placement of tracking details which results in TrackiPay being unable to locate these details and sync. We advise you to uninstall TrackiPay if you all your orders come up as errors. We are currently working on finding a solution to this.